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We connect you with the best service providers to serve any of your contingency, emergency or professional needs.

Get instant, reliable and affordable
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Someone needs an urgent medical help an you don't know where to find an ambulance? Just entered home trying to escape the hot sun and realized that your air condition is not working? Predicting a contingency situation but not sure what to do? Need a legal advice and wondering whom to contact?

DON'T WORRY! Ji Huzur is always haazir at your service!

How it works

You can book your required services in just three simple steps; searching for the service required based on your location, selecting one of our partners near you and booking the service.

Signup/Login to the App and easily browse for your need from the wide range of services listed by us, nearest to your area.

Choose for the most suitable partner listed, as per your preference and demography.

And you are all set to book your service in just a few clicks and get a solution to your concern.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes what personal information You may share with Jihuzur, as data controller, and other Users when activating and using the Jihuzur Services, how Jihuzur receives, collects and uses this data and how You may opt-out at any time, altogether preventing use of the data shared via the Services.

Installation and Use

When you install and use the Jihuzujustify:r Apps, Jihuzur will collect, process and retain personal information from You and any devices You may use in Your interaction with our Services. This information may include the following: geo-location, Your IP address, device ID or unique identifier, device manufacturer and type, operating system. Jihuzur may use the information collected from, and in connection with, all of our services to provide, maintain, and improve them, to develop new ones, and to protect Jihuzur and its users. Jihuzur also uses this information to provide you with tailored content, such as search results and advertisements more relevant to You.

Use, Sharing and Disclosure of User and Contact Information

Where the Jihuzur Apps are obtained from other sources than Apple App Store or Google Play, You may share the names, numbers and email addresses contained in Your device's address book ("Contact Information") with Jihuzur. If you provide us with personal information about someone else, you confirm that they are aware that You have provided their data and that they consent to our processing of their data according to our Privacy Policy. Addresses, passwords and credit card numbers and any other similar information will automatically be prevented from being entered into the Jihuzur database.

Use, Sharing and Disclosure of User and Contact Information

Information related to the User or Contact Information will be used to: Display the name associated with a certain number. Provide selected Jihuzur Associates with limited information in order to enhance user experience, service functionality and data accuracy, provided that these partners adhere to strict confidentiality provisions no less protective of your rights than the Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy. Personalize, measure and improve our advertising and use geo-location information to provide You with location based information and services (such as more relevant advertising, search results and other personalized content).